I had joked a few weeks ago that the first app I’d submit to Apple would be a really odd utility with a narrow, narrow use case. Well, the product page is updated at our main web site, so I’m happy to share that the app is SignalFlare.

The idea for this came out from two use cases:

  1. I’m picking up or waiting for my wife out in the car, say at school (She’s a teacher) or outside a store. But, which side of the school? Where in the parking lot?
  2. Trying to find a friend at an outdoor concert or fair or parade.

In both of those cases, I don’t really want to broadcast a GPS location to Twitter or something that public. Ideally, I’d be able to text someone my location and let them find me that way. So, that’s what SignalFlare does. Nothing more, nothing less.

Am I expecting this to be a killer app that everyone needs on their phone? Nope. But I needed it, so I built it, and am sharing it with the world (Assuming Apple approves it!).

I’ll update on Twitter when the app is approved, or if I run into issues with Apple. Hope this goes smoothly.

Update: Approved! You can download it from iTunes!

Forche Software is real!

A frantic amount of work has gone into getting to this point, but I’m happy to finally make Forche Software a real entity. This company will be the home for side projects. I know the burning question for many will be whether I’m planning on quitting my day job. The answer is a definite “No” — this is just to set up real, non-day-job-related apps and projects, so I can safely hire outside collaborators and keep everything cleanly separated. More announcements as they’re ready.