Proxigram is now ChromaticLove

I’ve started shoring up some of the bugs that have crept into Proxigram as the underlying services have evolved their APIs. For example, Flickr is finally SSL-only across the board (yay!).

While doing this, I see that Instagram is now very specific about valid names for apps that use their API. In our case, they don’t want “gram” to be part of the app name. So, I started using a thesaurus and some random word combination programs which spit out ChromaticLove. I like that well enough, so that’s the new name.

As part of this update, ChromaticLove now supports SSL, and I recommend everyone using the app access the API via SSL.

The changeover will happen over the next few days. You’ll see changes — *including* at the API level — renaming everything Proxigram to ChromaticLove. I’m going to be a little more cavalier than normal and just break backwards compatibility with CSS and variable names. If you have any concerns, please get in touch.