Announcing ToDone

todone list screenshotWhen I created Forche Software, I had projects like this one in mind: a great idea from a friend who wanted a buddy to help him get it out to the world. We’re happy to announce ToDone, a to do list app for the rest of us.

The thing I love about this application is that it make keeping and tracking a todo list as simple and frictionless as possible. No tagging, no projects, no contexts, and no dates beyond today, tomorrow, and someday. Working with the app is basically the same as working with a sheet of paper – no complex forms or data entry. Just type in your task. That’s it.

If you want more information about the hows and whys of this system (we’re calling it minimal lists), the about screen and the product page both have links to some posts that inspired my buddy to design this app. In one sentence, the goal is answering “What must I get done today?” The system emphasizes focusing on a narrow list of priority tasks each day, ideally three but up to five.

In our last 20 days or so of beta testing, I’ve been using it every day, and enjoying it. I’m looking forward to seeing it get out into the world. I do recognize that it’s not going to be the perfect app for everyone, especially the folks that lean more toward a GTD style list. For me, however, it’s the first to do list app that makes sense for my workflow. It’s a quick in-and-out to create tasks and managing the list takes 5 minutes. The reminder to plan the next day has been a huge win, too.

We just submitted the app last night. ToDone will be a free application with some extra features that can be unlocked via an in-app purchase. You’ll be able to use the to do system as designed for free. The upgrade offers a daily reminder to plan the next day, the ability to tweak the number of items per day, and different themes. It also offers a way to say “Thanks” if you enjoy the app.

When it launches, we’d love to hear what you think. If you have tweaks, changes, or features that you want to see in the app, let us know.


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