Forche Software is real!

A frantic amount of work has gone into getting to this point, but I’m happy to finally make Forche Software a real entity. This company will be the home for side projects. I know the burning question for many will be whether I’m planning on quitting my day job. The answer is a definite “No” — this is just to set up real, non-day-job-related apps and projects, so I can safely hire outside collaborators and keep everything cleanly separated. More announcements as they’re ready.


2 Comments on “Forche Software is real!”

  1. Congrats Sujal! Looking forward to see your first product.

    • sujal says:

      First product will be very simple. It’s a utility that I’ve been wanting for a while, so I did it as a week long hackathon project. It’s really quite simple and very narrowly focused to a small set of use cases.

      Still, I have it and it works, so that makes me happy.

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